Take the personal training experience to the next level!

5 Star Preme gives you the personal training experience but in a group environment. Classes consist of a maximum of four people and our expert staff will help you achieve a top-level workout all while showing you the correct positioning and movements. Trust us to help you! With guided small group classes-we focus on you without the price of personal training. Concentrating on mobility, correct form, getting stronger & faster and overall living a happier life is our main goal!

What are the benefits of small group training?

  • Personal Experience
  • Feeling Safe in a Trustworthy Environment
  • Ability To Track Your Personal Goals
  • Professionally Guided Workouts

5 Star Preme offers Wodify Pulse!

Workouts hitting the wall? It is time to up your intensity! With Wodify Pulse heart rate training, you can track & record your progress all while getting that great workout!

So…what is Wodify Pulse?

Wodify Pulse is a group heart rate training experience that allows members to track their progress, adjust their intensity, and actually compete with others to during their workouts.

You probably know your “one rep max clean and jerk” like you know your birth date, right? However, do you know how many calories you burned achieving that goal? Wodify Pulse measures how hard your heart is working during exercise, so you can visually monitor your efforts and achieve the results you want. This technology tracks heart rate intensity- not movement. Making it more accurate than a standard wrist fitness tracker! Here at 5 Star Preme, our coaches are professionally trained in using these specific types of technology so you can start getting credit for all your hard work!

Think this is the place for you? Here is what we offer…

  • Building a positive community of like-minded people with the same goals and experiences
  • Various areas of fitness training…
  • Metabolic conditioning
  • Olympic Lifting
  • Boxing
  • Range of Motion Training
  • Strength training
  • Mobile Capabilities
  • All of our workouts you can access online via the Wodify app when you join!
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