quarantine hump day

quarantine hump day

5star personal warm up
home mobility :
1 minute samson stretch on each leg
1 minute prisoner squat
30 mountain climbers
10 ostrich walks
10 windmills

single arm over head weighted box step ups (3 sets of 12)
weighted overhead box step ups:
start off with a comfortable weight
over your head in one arm.

focus on midline bieng nuetral, curl your belly button up to your chest, eyes forward. deep breath before you step up.

Metcon (Time)
3 rounds for time:
30 single arm american kb swings (15 each arm )
30 hand touch ground bear crawls
30 mountain climbers
30 second stacked weighted overhead object hold ( 95/65 lbs )
bar preferred. kettle bell, plate, dumbbell, human, animal suggested

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